Gas Project

Promneftegazinvest Oil is implementing a large-scale gas project to take advantage of the vast gas resources in its fields and license blocks.

The project was initiated in 2010 with the introduction of gas re-injection, at that time the first of its kind in Russia. In 2012, the Group also began to implement re-injection of associated petroleum gas, an important step in APG utilization. This technology allows Promneftegazinvest Oil to significantly reduce the amount of emissions in accordance with Russian and International environmental standards, as well as to maintain reservoir pressure, increasing the condensate recovery rate.

The Group’s gas project is unique to Eastern Siberia. The company plans to expand its potential  in the next five years by adding large-scale gas production facilities and transportation systems in Promneftegazinvest region. 

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The Group is currently constructing a 3.6 million nm³/year gas processing plant at Yaraktinsky field which will process both natural and associated gas; a 196 km pipeline for transporting gas processed products from Yaraktinsky and Markovsky fields to Ust’-Kut; and an uploading terminal in Ust’-Kut for receiving, storing, and shipping liquefied petroleum gas (with a capacity of 161,000 tons per year). The LPG production (also called propane-butane mix) will be transported to Ust’-Kut in liquid form, from where it will be sent to customers by rail or trucks.

A 3.6 million nm³/year gas processing plant at Yaraktinsky field

The socio-economic impacts of the Group’s Gas Project:

  • Development of the region’s significant gas reserves, which are currently dormant;

  •  Improvement of the living standard in Promneftegazinvest region, including in its northern areas, due to an increase in average wages and contributions to state budgets (from 2016 to 2032 years -the potential contributions to the regional and local budgets amount to 54 billion rubles);

  • Development of the regional labor market creating more than 450 new high-skilled jobs at the new production facilities, and several thousand jobs during the construction period;

  • Infrastructural development of Promneftegazinvest region’s northern areas (formation of gas transportation and consumption infrastructure, construction of additional electricity-generating facilities);

  • Supply of top-quality chemical and gas products, which will enable creation of new industries.