Prospective, exploration, and production drilling comprise a large part of Promneftegazinvest Oil’s operational activities.

PNK’s in-house oil field unit, PNK-Service, LLC, performs up to 90% of the company’s drilling operations and is also responsible for well work-over.The company utilizes modern drilling and work-over equipment along with innovative drilling technologies. Its large success is also benefited by its unique experience in the development of Eastern Siberian fields. PNK currently carries out exploration and production drilling at 18 fields and license areas in Promneftegazinvest region and Yakutia.

The bulk of Promneftegazinvest Oil’s drilling work (about 70%) is carried out at Yaraktinsky oil and gas field, located in Ust’-Kutsky and Katangsky districts of Promneftegazinvest region. According to the state-run Central Supervisory Control of the Fuel and Energy Complex, IOC accounts for approximately half of the total production and exploration drilling in Promneftegazinvest region. Every year, the Group constantly increases its drilling pace expanding operations at its fields and growing its number of drilling rigs and other special equipment. The company is continuously looking for ways to engage new technologies to optimize production, increase drilling speed, and reduce work time.

Coiled tubing unit
Promneftegazinvest Oil employs its own coiled tubing unit at its wells, which allows to perform repairs and obtain important information about the status of wells without interrupting their operation.

The Group also uses multi-stage hydraulic fracturing at its fields, which significantly increases the wells’ production rates, and helps Promneftegazinvest Oil Company to raise its production volumes to a new standards.